Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Khomplex Enters Funk Volume's "Don't Fu[$]k Up Our Beats" Rap Contest. Prize $2,500

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Rhyming for 3 mins straight (Live).
Rapper Khomplex Enters Funk Volume's "Don't Fu[$]k Up Our Beats" Rap Contest. Prize $2,500 Song Title: "Shenanigans"

Monday, December 24, 2012

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Dec 2012 +Khalil Zambrana has dropped an early YouTube Christmas Gift.  Good Music For Your iPod's Consideration. Happy Holidays & Blessed New Year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rapper Hopsin Arrested outside of Funk Volume Concert.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Energy Raw Music Video Starring MyGrane McNastee

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Energy Raw Music Video Starring MyGrane McNastee

Energy Raw Music Video 
Artist: MyGrane McNastee
From the Album FORCE = MASS x XLR8TION
Music by: 9th Wonder

Mygrane McNastee Native to Orlando, Cleavland and New York has captured many listeners with a universal vibe, an outstanding voice and electric charisma. The origin of the name MyGrane is, one who follows his own grains and makes music with no Rules. McNastee simply means MC+Nasty! 

Recently interviewed on the World Famous Wake up Show, by Sway and King Tech, and Hitting the stage to perform his talents as headliner and opening act
Bringing forth originality with consciously crazy content Mygrane is like no other!

Mygrane Music Links:
Twitter: @mygrane101

Filmed & Edited by: Frank "NevahDless" Zambrana

Friday, January 13, 2012


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AMiAM "Flood Watch" Music Video
Director: Frankie "NevahDless" Zambrana (REALM-Z)

Head over to & grab the full length album entitled 
1. Broadcast 03:42
2. I Got a Story feat. Brownstudy 03:20
3. Do The Damn Thing 04:03
4. Criminal (Remix of The Roots feat. Truck North & Saigon) 04:31
5. The Thrill Is Gone (Remix) feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli 04:12
6. My Bad feat. JBiz 03:34
7. Hope (Remix of Nas) 03:05
8. Two Words (Remix) feat. Mos Def, Kanye West & Freeway 05:32
9. Go Hard Or Go Home feat. R.U.G.G.E.D, Jonny Storm, Kap Kallous, Illustrate & MyGrane McNastee 05:36
10. M.V.P. (Remix of Big L) 02:21
11. Sun In My Face (Remix) feat. Blu 04:37
12. Act Your Age feat. Rebekkah Joy 04:28
13. I Can't Help It (Remix of The Roots feat. AMiAM, Illustrate & DJ Dolo)04:17
14. Wild feat. Vets of Kin 05:29
15. Flood Watch 03:42
16. Candyman feat. LMS & Nevahdless 04:21
17. We Got That feat. MyGrane McNastee, Sha Stimuli, V-Stylez, JBiz, Grand Daddy I.U. & DJ YNot

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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BLUNT CYPHER 2.0 Round 1 
Khomplex & NevahDless - We Get It Done
Last Minute Music Videos. 1 hour studio recording, 30 minute video shoot, 45 minute video editing.
You can Cypher too on YouTube search Mr. Philly Blunt - k2stypoint 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hit Songs - "RIGHT ON" by R.U.G.G.E.D. (Doxside Music & Realm-Z Video)

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Winter Park, FL - October 12, 2011 Realm Zambrana (Realm-Z) & Doxside Music Group (DMG) is please to announce the Music Video release of “RIGHT ON” from the Artist R.U.G.G.E.D. aka RUGGEDNESS. With Top Notch Music Production from Doxide’s own Synopse and Video Direction by Frankie “NevahDless” Zambrana (Realm-Z)

R.U.G.G.E.D. Rowdy Unda Ground God Enjecting Dominance is the moniker for this ferocious rhyme spitter originally born in Jordan. This middle-eastern rap beast is known around the world for his vicious punchlines and lion-like presence on the mic. Rugged’s roots in HipHop started in Orlando, FL, where he was part of a pioneer local group called Napalm Federation. He eventually met TzariZM & Synopse while freestyling in between classes at Seminole Community College. Once they linked, history was made and the Paradox Unit started their dominance in the Central Florida scene. Rugged released a solo EP “The Showdown”, arranged and mostly produced by TzariZM, back in 2002. This continued the buzz he generated at many open mics and battles he conquered in. Rugged was found killing shows and performances constantly on a regular basis hailing back and forth from Orlando to Tampa. Rugged also made a feature on a remarkably humorous jawn called “Drink Specials” that featured Celph Titled of Demigodz fame, Phil The Agony of Strong Arm Steady fame and long-time partner in crime producer/emcee, TzariZM. The track was released on Celph Titled & Apathy’s -”No Place Like Chrome” album released through Antidote Records based in the UK. After a well needed break to settle and start a family, Rugged returned to the battle scene being a staple in the now world’s largest Hip Hop battle league Grind Time Now, with his battles receiving up to fifty thousand views on Youtube and popular urban site The passion is stronger than ever as he proves that he is a contender to be dealt not so easily. In 2011, Rugged is set to give his music a rebirth to the masses as he works on a new EP to be produced by his Doxside family. You can also catch him on the highly anticipated DMG self-titled album by IMAKEMADBEATS dropping early 2011 as well.  Recent media coverage include front page features on,  Let the Ruggedness begin.

“Lets see...It all happened when I received an email with this Raw & Unearthly Masterpiece attached in MP3. At the time it wasn't finished but I could tell there was something special about this song! Tasked with the Music Video I quickly began brushing up on the Art Form at a Dizzying pace, here's hoping it paid off. Ruggedness is a “Force” to listen too as he tongue lashes the lyrics with wordplay. All this backed by the Relentlessly Rowdy Rhythm of SYNOPSE make for true Hip Hop treat. The Theme here was a "Back Alley Deal" where the goods were Beats and Rhymes! Such a privilege to work with such high level of talent.” ~NevahDless

Music Video:
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